to the AAIP Token Reward Platform

Join us in advancing our initiatives that impact the world where we need it.

  • Climate Change
  • Free Creativity
  • Benevolent AI
  • Global Economic Inclusion

You are rewarded AIP Tokens and Initiative Tokens for your support,
contributions, and donations. Together we prosper.

AIP Tokens

Your AIP Tokens represent your status within the organization.

You receive 1 AIP Token for every Euro you contribute.
Volunteers also receive AIP Tokens for each hour donated.
Donations accepted via major currencies, btc or ether.

Initiative Tokens

Receive an extra Bonus Reward for your support.
For every 10 AIP Tokens you get 1 additional Initiative Token.
Support your favorite tokens or collect them all.

  • OEG

    One Energy Global - The climate change initiative. Creating renewable foods and energy. Reducing global warming. Supporting global reduction of carbon.

  • IAI

    Infinite Artificial Intelligence - Teaching AI to read. Creating a benevolent future between humans and machines.

  • FGM

    Fair Global Marketplace - Helping 3rd world people integrate into the global financial system. Opening global markets. Growing economic prosperity.

  • BMT

    Blue Morpho Tokens - Our next initiative. The community will incubate an initiative and assign it to this Token.

Early contributors get bonus AIP Tokens.
Take advantage of this opportunity.

Who We Are

We agree that ingenuity and creativity
can make a positive impact on global issues.
Together, we know we can create solutions to
positively change the lives of billions.

Our Model

AAIP Initiatives

Our members unite unique skills to create/incubate intellectual property
and renewable models that can be rapidly adopted on a global scale.

Once a project is ready to be launched, we create
an operating company to take over and scale the model,
or we sell the IP for rapid deployment and greatest global impact.

It is our firm belief that human creativity, ingenuity and innovation is
the source for solutions that our planet needs

Founders have featured startups in